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Pricing app made for UK Builders

Quickly make quotes and estimates with actuate prices, or send us the plans and we’ll price the job for you.

Take the stress out of managing projects

Have all the information you need to manage a project from start to finish, wherever you are.

  • Track changes and record extra – on site
  • Keep on top of profits and overheads
  • Save time pricing and managing projects
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Quote for jobs in ½ the time

Whether you price the work or you ask us to – you will save time and even get a more accurate price.

  • Price and send quotes and estimates in a few clicks
  • Keep quotes up to date, even if your prices change
  • Make professional quotes in seconds to win more jobs
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Focus on the build while making the admin easy

Keep on top of the project and the profit will looks after itself.

  • Easily manage cost and add overheads and profit margins
  • Never miss an extra (or deduction) so your invoices are accurate
  • Schedule employees, subbies and contractors easily so no time is wasted
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Customised for your business

No two builders are the same, so Price Doctor you can make Price Doctor work for you.

  • All prices are ready to go out of the box – but can be changed
  • Automatic price updates - No material price is older than 7 days!
  • Labour prices are regional but can be altered to match your team
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Work out materials and labour times in seconds

Accurately price even complex projects in minutes, including getting full materials and labour breakdowns.

  • Price large and small projects accurately and quickly on site
  • Send professional looking quotes to customers in seconds
  • Make and record changes to projects in seconds
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Keep all your customers happy

Manage your time and team so the work gets done smoothly and you keep customers informed.

  • Avoid the “I thought...” conversation with customers
  • Track and record changes and extras so you can bill them
  • Manage customer and communications easily
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Start using Price Doctor for FREE

Price Doctor has been built by builders for builders that are focused on customer service while ensuring good profitability.

  • Manage projects from start to finish
  • Save valuable time quoting
  • Ensure you always make a profit
  • Tailored to fit your business
  • Connect your website
  • Keep all your customers happy

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