Step 1 – Getting Started With Pricing Building Work as a Tradesman

As a tradesman, your time is very valuable and to ensure you get the very best from Price Doctor you will first need to register and then choose the package that best suits your needs.

To confirm, you are registering as a Tradesman and this will allow you to:

  • Quickly create estimates and quotes for customers
  • Manage costs, overheads and profit margins
  • Create your own price lists and generate quotes quickly

If you're just looking for a quick estimate price, find out about Price Doctor home versions here.

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What can Price Doctor Actually do for me?

Produce Estimates and Quotes Quickly and Easily

Quoting and pricing takes time and effort. As a tradesman, you don't want to be spending your valuable time producing estimates and quotes for jobs you might not win - This is where Price Doctor comes in!

Using our ingenious system, simply select the job that you are looking to do from our list, input the dimensions and the system will not only work out the cost of your building project, but produce a full quote that can then be sent to your customer.

Get estimate prices quickly and easily

Get estimate prices quickly and easily

Mange all of Your Profits and Overheads

Once you have produced an estimate or quote, as a tradesman you want to be sure that you are going to get paid a decent wage for all of your hard work and that you are suitably covered for the time and expense of organising any sub-contractors, plant equipment or other items required.

Price Doctor easily allows you to add a percentage markup on the original costs for labour, materials and plant equipment and also set an overall percentage or fixed value profit margin for the whole job.

Manage all of your profits and overheads

Set and manage all of your profits and overheads

Create Your Own Price Lists

Price Doctor comes bundled with it's own “master price list” containing every single price for every material that the system uses in order to accurately price a given DIY or construction job.

As a tradesman you will be well aware that both labour and material prices vary greatly across the country, with prices tending to be cheaper in the north and then increasing the further south you go.

To combat this situation, Price Doctor allows you to duplicate the master price list and change any price you wish to reflect your own material and labour costs.

Create and manage your own proce lists

Easily create and manage your own price lists

Totally Manage a Project From Start to Finish

Managing an extension build or new build project requires a huge amount of planning, logistics, time and man management, let alone the actual construction work itself.

To help with this mammoth task, Price Doctor will not only produce accurate pricing, materials and labour breakdowns, but will also plan out a timeline for the work, indicating each critical stage and how long each should take.

With this information you can then easily ensure completion targets are hit on time, materials are on site and ready when needed and the correct trade is at hand when required to ensure that the whole job is completed on target and on price.

Manage projects from start to finish

Manage all your projects from start to finish

Common Questions and FAQ for Tradesmen

Price Doctor aims to bridge the gap between the homeowner and the contractor, so that homeowners who knows nothing about building can quickly and clearly explain what they want, saving you the builder time, paperwork and effort.

I’ve tried (online) estimators before so what’s new here?

Price Doctor is not an “estimator” so we are not going to take a drawing away for a week and come up with a price. Price Doctor is a tool to help you create a quotation quickly and accurately.

It aims to capture all the information that you need from your customer to make sure you know exactly what they want. This way you can get on with the build and spend less time quoting, managing the customer and dealing with issues caused by extras and other symptoms of miscommunication.

The aim is to make the process of quoting for jobs easy and quick, while making it more accurate so you can focus on the build and the developing your relationship with your customer so you ultimately win the work.

When are prices updated?

We update the prices whenever they are updated by SPONS (the RICS pricing manual), however you can update your own prices whenever you want or need to.

To build an accurate quote you will need to use your own prices, which you can save for use on subsequent jobs and customers. We have an easy to use pricing management system so it is not a difficult job updating prices, and you can do this as you go.

Can I export or print the pricing information for my quotes?

Yes, all pricing breakdowns can be exported to excel, pdf, csv or printed. The information is only going to help your business if you can use it to produce the quote you're going to give your customer or print off a “shopping list” to give to your builders merchant – we have made sure that you can do this easily.

How many quotes (or designs) can I make?

You subscription is for a year and you can use Price Doctor as much as you like in that time, making unlimited changes.

I do all kinds of projects, not just extensions – will Price Doctor help me?

Yes. By the time you’ve qualified, met and quoted for a small job from a customer it can take nearly as long as it does to quote for an extension. Price Doctor can be used for pricing lots of small jobs such as Patios, Driveways and other jobs.

Can I share the design with my customer?

Yes, although currently you cannot collaborate on the design, which is something that we plan to enable soon. This means that you can send your customer a link and they will in effect build their quote for you using your prices, saving you even more time trying to win jobs!

What happens if I need help using Price Doctor?

You do not need any specialist skills (CAD or IT) and we have made it as easy to use as possible so you probably won't need any help. If you are struggling to find something or are stuck, we'd prefer that you got in touch rather than lose time and get frustrated.

Everyone gets full access to our support service, our view is that if you're struggling we haven't made it right so tell us! You can contact us by phone and online chat during office hours, and online via the website or by email out of hours. We'll get back to your as soon as we can.

If I don't like it, can I get my money back?

Yes. We have a full refund policy if you are not happy or Price Doctor is not working for you. Please let us know within 14 days from purchase. It is helpful if you can tell us what is not working for you, so that we can fix or improve it, but we are not going to quibble if it is not for you; we are big enough to recognise it's not for everyone, even if we use it in our own building company!