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Pricing app made for UK Carpenters and Joiners

You can produce quotes and estimates quickly and easily with actuate, up-to-date prices, or send us the plans and we’ll price the job for you.

Quick and Accurate Pricing at Affordable Rates

Enter the dimensions of the job and our calculators will work out the materials and labour needed in seconds.

  • Save huge amounts time pricing work
  • Amend and update prices in seconds
  • No need to enter prices – we keep them updated for you
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Save Time and Get More Done

Our Job management system will help you save time organising and running jobs from lead to invoice.

  • Receive and mange leads anywhere so leads or customers are never forgotten
  • Create professional quotes and invoices for customers in seconds
  • Automated follow-ups sent to your customers so they never miss an appointment, quote or invoice
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Update and requote in seconds – Automatic Price Updates

Prices change fast and requoting can be expensive and time consuming – no longer!

  • Price Doctor materials prices are updated every 7 days – no price will be out-of-date
  • Get prompted when prices have changed in old quotes and update them with a click
  • Regional prices so the prices are correct for the area you are working
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Always Have All the Information You Need on Every Project

You and your team will have access to all your clients details and job specs from anywhere at anytime.

  • Reduce questions from staff & subbies about job and customers
  • Share only the information you want to with staff or subbies
  • Pick up and manage leads all in one place at anytime, anywhere
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Ensure Everything is Invoiced for On Time – control your cash flow

Quick and easy invoicing with a few clicks ensures that invoices are sent on time and followed up automatically.

  • Create invoices in seconds with automated chasing so you don’t have to remember
  • Record and add extras to projects as you go so they are included in invoices
  • Integrate with accounting systems for more invoicing features – Xero
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Ensure you Have Happy Customers

Easily keep customer updated on their project and inform them of any changes.

  • Never have the dreaded “I thought...” conversation with customers
  • Customers can follow the project on your portal – seeing pictures, extra, invoices and payment
  • Make sure all communications with customers are recorded easily
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Register Price Doctor for FREE – no card needed

Price Doctor has been built by tradespeople for tradespeople that are focused on customer service while ensuring good profitability.

  • Manage projects from start to finish
  • Save valuable time quoting
  • Ensure you always make a profit
  • Tailored to fit your business
  • Increase efficiency of you and staff
  • Keep all your customers happy

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