Step 1 – Getting Started With Pricing Building Work as a Home Owner

In order to get the very best out of the Price Doctor system, you will need to select the correct package for your needs. In this case you are registering as a Home Owner and this will give you the ability to:

  • Price check builders quotes
  • Create your own designs and edit them to see costs change in real time
  • See labour and material costs and where you could save money

If you're requirements are more trade-related, find out about Price Doctor trade versions here.

Register now and get started!

What can Price Doctor Actually do for me?

Get Accurate Prices Quickly and Easily

Ultimately, the viability of a home improvement or DIY project more often than not comes down to price; Is it going to be too expensive?

Traditionally, the only way to get an accurate price was to do the hardworking yourself and find out what materials are needed and how much they cost or to pay a quantity surveyor to work it out for you.

Using price doctor, for a minimal fee, the system will not only give you an accurate price but supply a full list of all the materials you need and any labour costs involved

Get an accurate price for your design

Get an accurate price for your design ideas to see how much they might cost

Labour and Material Cost Breakdowns

It's one thing knowing the total cost price for a builder to do a particular home improvement job, but it's a whole new ball game being able to see exactly what the funds are used for.

Using Price Doctor, you not only get an accurate cost for a given home improvement job, but the system will break all the costs down, even to individual tasks such as excavating a foundation.

This provides valuable information on where you can save money by doing it yourself.

See labour and material cost breakdowns

See accurate labout and material cost breakdowns

Save, Edit and Manage Your Designs

Substantial home improvement and DIY jobs can be quite expensive, so quite often it's essential to have an idea of the costs involved and then park the project until the funds are available to get on with it.

Price Doctor is ideal for this as you can easily save all of your designs and then come back to them at a later stage to make any adjustments to the design or update any prices that have changed over time.

Save, edit and manage your designs

easily edit, save and manage all of your quotes and designs

Complete Shopping List of Materials

To get an accurate price you need to know exactly what materials, fixtures and fittings are needed and the quantities and types of each.

For a job such as a large extension, you could be talking about well over 150 different type of materials, that's a lot for even professionals to think about let alone if you are new to the world of DIY and home improvements.

With this in mind, Price Doctor also has you covered! Due to the unique way in which the system functions, it works out all the different types, sizes and quantities of materials needed in order to build the price, so a complete list of materials for your job is already there and available.

See a complete shopping list of all your materials

See a complete shopping list of all the materials you need

Common Questions and FAQ for Home Owners

These questions are typically asked by homeowners that use Price Doctor, but there are other questions that we often get from builders (with includes self-builders) that can be found here. Failing that please get it touch!

Is the price I get accurate?

Yes, of course. But the more information that you can provide Price Doctor, the more accurate the price it generates will be.

As you start out on your project you might not have or may not have decided on many of these things; this is where Price Doctor helps to you make changes, experimenting as you go, so you can see in real time the effect these changes have on the price. If you asked your builder to do this, he'd probably not thank you – at best!

Is the Demo version enough to plan my project?

The Demo version (which is totally free) requires you to put very little information in and so we make lots of assumptions on your behalf to come up with a price.

This is great when you just want to get a rough idea how much that dream extension, new build etc. will cost to see if you want to actually go ahead, but when you are more serious about going ahead you can upgrade to work through the detailed options and understand your requirements better – and of course get a really accurate price.

What happens if I get stuck?

We assume that everyone using Price Doctor has little to no building or design experience, so you shouldn't get stuck. That said, it will be new to you, so we have got lots of help boxes with useful tips, ideas and explanations to help you.

Don't be embarrassed if you do get stuck; it'll be because we have not explained something properly, and why we have a support team to help you and answer any questions you might have. We don't charge or limit support to anyone; if you're using Price Doctor your can have all the help you want.

How often are the Prices updated?

We draw prices from the Pricing manual created by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (compiled by AECOM), which provides regional pricing data.

This provides the most accurate, detailed and professionally relevant construction price information for the UK.

Its unique Tender Index, updated through the year, gives an ongoing reality check and allows you to adjust for changing market conditions.

In short, it allows us to be sure that the price for every individual item is accurate and updated frequently so that the overall price will be accurate and up to date. When we receive a price update, we publish the new prices.

What will my Builder/Contractor think of me using Price Doctor?

We have a version designed for builders (more information here), so we hope they will find value in it too.

Price Doctor was developed by who are a group of builders who now run a website helping people do home improvement. We wanted to make something that helped homeowners communicate with builders (and vice versa) more easily.

The aim of Price Doctor is to ensure that you are ready for when the builder comes to price your job. You have an idea of what it will cost, so won't be too mortified at the cost and will actually go ahead with the project, you will have experimented and understood the compromises you might have to make to stay in budget, and you'll have a good idea of all the huge number of decisions he'll need you to make.

In short, you'll be ahead of curve (even if you know nothing about building) and will present yourself as an organised and serious customer. These are always the customers that get the good builders at a good price.

I have plans made up – will Price Doctor be useful for me?

Yes, it is very helpful if you have already had plans drawn up, as you will have covered many of the things that Price Doctor will need to get an accurate price – but not all.

There will be information about your interior design and layout that Price Doctor will prompt you to consider before giving you an accurate price.

Plans on their own don't give you a price for your project, nor do they allow you to interrogate and understand your builders quote. In around half an hour you will have a feel for the cost of your project and where you can make compromises to stay within your budget.

What if it doesn't work for my project?

There are some projects that use new and innovative materials that we have not incorporated into Price Doctor yet.

For these situations, Price Doctor will not work, but we are confident that we cover 90% of the designs and plans that people use. If you have any concerns please get in touch.If you’re not happy or don't think that Price Doctor is work for you, just get it touch and we will try and help or give you're a full refund. Please do this within 14 day of purchase.

What Kind of Designs are available in Price Doctor?

Currently you can use Price Doctor for Extensions (including L-shaped or side return extensions), Driveway, Decking, New Build and Patio projects. We are constantly working on Price Doctor and improving the system all the time. New systems including Fencing, Loft Conversions and garages will be added including many others will also be added in time.