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The Pricing Solution for UK Roofers

Save time pricing and sending detailed, accurate quotes which impress customers and will win more work.

Manage Projects from Enquiry to Invoice Easily:

Quickly and accurately price jobs, with detailed descriptions of the work you will do.

  • Save time pricing and quoting for jobs
  • Send detailed and accurate quotes so everyone is clear what is included
  • Provide professional and comprehensive documents & emails which impress
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Have Complete Visibility of your Business

Be able to see all your jobs, customers, quotes and staff diary from anywhere at anytime.

  • Never be out of touch – respond to questions fully and promptly
  • Easily schedule your diary and book jobs, including for staff and subbies
  • Easily share job details and even photos with staff, subbie and customers
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Ensure Visibility of Profit and Cost on Projects

Easily and quickly see where you are making profits.

  • Modify profit and mark-ups on projects in seconds
  • Calculate all costs for projects with detailed descriptions so customers know what to expect
  • Ensure all extras and changes are recorded and invoiced for
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Made for your Business

Price Doctor can be easily customised for all kinds of small UK roofing businesses.

  • Make as many templates for quotes, estimates and invoices as you need
  • Set up reminders to send to customers so that they don’t forget important appointments
  • Build your own portal to show customers your past work, insurances, accreditations and qualifications
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Save Time Pricing Jobs

Price work quickly and accurately, creating quotes or estimates to impress.

  • Simple enter the dimensions of projects and get all the materials and labour needed
  • Prices for materials are updated weekly so it really easy to update pricing
  • Get detailed descriptions of the work so there is no confusion about what is included
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Keep Customers Happy & Win More Good Customers

Make it easy to manage and communicate with customers efficiently.

  • Ensure that your customers know what you are planning and what they should expect
  • Record and confirm changes and extras easily so there are no surprises
  • Easily generate quote and invoices without spending time typing and re-keying
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Price Doctor is the solution made by tradesman for tradesman focused on customer service and profitability.

  • Manage projects easily from start to finish
  • Quote quickly and accurately
  • See where you’re making your profits
  • Tailor made for your business – impress customers
  • Reduce the time and effort you spend on admin
  • Win better and happier customers

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