I’m a Tradesman, how can Price Doctor help me?

If you have reached this page and are still not 100% sure on what Price Doctor does and how, as a tradesman, it can make your life a whole heap easier, then let us clarify this.

As a tradesman, I’m sure you are all too familiar with the hours spent and often wasted working out estimates and quotes for customers that, in reality may not even accept your quote – This is where Price Doctor can really help you out.

In essence, Price Doctor is software for pricing building work, but unlike other price estimating services and apps, we don’t just give you a square meter price based on the dimensions of your proposed job and a rough estimate cost per square meter, Price Doctor actually calculates all of the materials that will be needed and the labour time it will take to assemble everything and builds a price based on the actual labour and materials involved, providing a much more accurate price.

Not only does it do this for you but it does it fast! Instead of spending hours inputting individual prices for each material item or type of labour used, you can simply use the drag and drop designer and physically design the extension, new build house etc and the system works out all the materials needed for you and uses our price list to produce a total cost.

Out of the box, Price Doctor is configured to use our Master Price list, but you can easily create your own. Again, this is a quick and easy job. Simply create a new price list based on our mater price list and you can then quickly search for individual materials and change their prices to your own as required.

Quickly producing estimate prices and quotes for building work is only part of what the system can do. Once you have produced an estimate or quote you can also use the system to sent it directly to your potential client all nicely present PDF that includes your company logo, contact information and any other information you want to provide.

It doesn’t stop here either – Once the customer has accepted your quote you can manage the entire job from start to finish using the system. This includes all communication with your client, managing any alterations to the quote or design, tracking changes and landmark dates, adding notes and images of the progress and also uploading and adding any important and relevant documents.

Once you have followed the given job through to completion you can then also close it off and archive it safely for future reference.

There is also handy dashboard that will show you all of the quotes and estimates you have produced, how many have been accepted or rejected, total income and much more.

Profit and markup margins can also be easily managed and applied using several methods including a fixed percentage or amount for entire job, for laboured for materials.

To summarise, as a tradesman, Price Doctor will allow you to:

  • Quickly produce estimates for building work to provide to potential clients
  • Quickly convert an estimate to a full quote and easily fine tune costs
  • Design extensions and new build properties from scratch
  • Quickly produce estimates and quotes for driveways, patios and other jobs
  • Easily manage your costs, profit and overhead margins
  • Produce and save your own price lists for use with your projects
  • Send quotes to your customers directly from the system
  • Manage all communications with your customers and save all your messages
  • Easily manage any changes and alterations to jobs as they arise
  • Upload and add your company logos to your quotes
  • Save huge amounts of time producing quotes and estimates
  • Collaborate with your client on a project and allow them to produce their own designs, saving you even more time
  • Maintain complete transparency through a project ensuring that both you and your customer are fully aware of all expectations
  • See a full breakdown of all materials needed for a project
  • Quickly see and manage labour rates and labour time per project
  • Access Price Doctor from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Reduce costs by paying monthly
  • See a full breakdown of all estimates and quotes you have sent

We are constantly working on improving the system and all of its features to make the process of quoting and estimating for building work much quicker and easier as well as helping you to manage your customers questions and queries in a professional and timely manner.