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Pricing Service

Too busy to price work yourself? Send us the plans to price the job and we will add all the information to your Price Doctor account so you can edit, send and update quotes to your customers and then manage the work through to completion and invoicing.

Prices start from £69.99 + VAT get in touch to find out more.

Growing Business – Headroom to Expand

Additional users can be purchased in bundles of 4 users for £19.99 per month - you can choose the mix of types on purchase to suit your needs.

If you need more than 25 users or operate franchise/fitter/installer networks please contact us for High Growth Business Packages.

Get in touch to discuss bespoke pricing calculators for your proprietary products. We can develop these to speed up your business processes so you get more work priced a fraction of the time.

How to Power Up Your Business

Contact us and we'll help you get started on the plan that will start to make a difference straight away. Or, if you prefer to, give it go in your own time?

Start for free with no credit card and no contracts. You can test Price Doctor on 5 of your customers, from enquiry to completed job and see how easy it is to have happy customers who pay on time every time.

Start to Drive Your Business Forward Now

  • Save Time – focus on what matters and ensure that nothing is missed
  • Increase Efficiency – Work smarter not harder managing every aspect of your customer interaction from enquiry to payment
  • Drive Profitability – Manage customers, scope changes and projects easily so there are no surprises
  • Give Better Service – Communicate more effectively with customers and staff for better results

Pricing Systems

  • Decking
  • Driveway
  • Extension
  • Garage
  • Garden Wall
  • Loft Conversion
  • New Build
  • Patio
  • Renovation
  • Roofing

More coming all the time.....

These are preconfigured pricing templates with real materials and labour costs, which you can update with your own costs – all you need to do is add the customer's dimensions and styling choices to get an accurate build price.

Total Control - from Enquiry to Final Payment

  • Manage and measure quality of enquires to ensure professional response with easy
  • Price and quote from templates saving time and effort increasing conversion rates
  • Improve communications with customers to ensure extras and scope changes are noted and billed
Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed...or your money back

If, after using Price Doctor, you have any issues or technical queries, we will endeavour to help out in any way we can. If not, we will refund you in full.

If you have any questions or would like help with an issue, please get in touch.

No Contract – Risk Free 30-day Money-back Guarantee

What Does Each Price Doctor Trade Package do?

To see exactly what each package will allow you to do when it comes to estimating, quoting and pricing building work, see a full comparrison below:

FeatureTrade DemoTrade StandardTrade Premier
Lead Management for Enquires
Web Forms to automate lead capture
Access to Pricing SystemsMax of 3, for 1 chosen pricing systemUnlimitedUnlimited
Create your own bespoke Project Types
Editable Labour & Materials Price Breakdowns
Create bespoke Price Lists & manage Profit and Overheads
Estimate/Quote Templates and Management
Client Messaging and Notifications including Quote acceptance
Add your own logo (Price Doctor logo included by default)Add your own logo (Price Doctor logo removed)
Linked Customer Site assisting to manage customer
Change Management to capture & agree extras and exclusions
Document and Photo capture and storage
Project and Company Calendar/Planner
Daily Site Diary including prompts & reminders
Snagging List to share, collaborate and agree with customer
Track Projected versus Actual costs
Project and performance Reporting
Sub User Accounts
Subcontractor access (shielding sensitive info)
3rd party integration
Access to all future modules
Design systems1UnlimitedUnlimited
Customer Projects3UnlimitedUnlimited
Users111 (more can easily be purchased)
PricingFree£199.99 annually or £19.99 per month£369.99 annually or £36.99 per month

There is no contract locking you in, and you can start for free without using a credit card. After managing 5 customers through Price Doctor we are confident you will see the value.

Get Your Business to Shift Gears

“Having been in this game for 40 years, I know the value of being able to price accurately and quickly, but what I did not expect was how we could increase our turnover, nearly doubling it in the 1st year using Price Doctor!
To do this without Price Doctor would have swamped me in quotes, pricing customer queries and more, yet we did it while improving customer satisfaction and profitability”

The Smarter Way to Run Building Projects

Price Doctor will improve your quality of life, and your business:

  • No more late nights pricing and preparing quotes
  • Put an end to managing leads in lots of different places
  • Don't stress about changes and re-quoting
  • Stop the quibbles about extras & changes – agree them on the spot
  • Never miss billing for extras and get paid promptly every time
  • Keep track of all your guys and subbies easily and efficiently

Register and get started right away. Once you have registered you can get in touch so we can talk you through how you can get the most benefit from Price Doctor.

We want to help - Your success is our success.

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