Building Work Pricing Application Package Information for Tradesmen

As a tradesman, you know that you're time is precious and if you have arrived at this page you are probably looking for a solution to cut down the time that you are spending on quoting and estimating building work.

Quoting is a necessity in order to win jobs and get work and to get even an estimate, let alone an accurate quote up together it can take several hours, that's not to mention the paperwork, material lists, labour scheduling etc that's involved when you start a job.

This is where Price Doctor comes in! Price Doctor will allow you to produce an initial quick estimate for a job in a few minutes, allowing you to get back to your potential customers in a professional and timely manner.

Once a customer has confirmed they would like a full quote, Price Doctor can also do this for you. You can not only get a full and accurate price completed in a few minutes but also create full designs, right up to a new build!

Estimates, quotes and designs are only part of what Price Doctor can do. Once you have produced a quote, the system will then calculate full labour and material breakdowns, cost analysis, profit and overhead margins and also even create your own price lists with you own material and labour prices!

For a full run down on what each package includes, see below:

Available Price Doctor Trade Packages

What Does Each Price Doctor Trade Package do?

To see exactly what each package will allow you to do when it comes to estimating, quoting and pricing building work, see a full comparrison below:

Feature Trade Demo Trade Standard Trade Premier
Quick estimate price
Basic extension pricing
Produce full quotes Max of 3, for 1 chosen pricing system Unlimited Unlimited
Client management
Client communication
Add your own logo (Price Doctor logo included by default) Add your own logo (Price Doctor logo removed)
Labour price breakdowns
Material price breakdowns
Create your own price lists
Manage profit margins
Full project management
Fully manage past, present and future jobs
Lead collection and management
Access to all future modules
Design systems 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Prices Free £179.99 annually or £17.99 per month £359 annually or £35.99 per month