I’m a Homeowner, how can Price Doctor help me?

If you have arrived on our site, had a read through the information on our home page and a few other places and are still unsure as to what Price Doctor actually is and how it can help you, well let us explain a little further.

Price Doctor is a fully-fledged online-based construction pricing, design, customer and quote management system for both homeowners and tradesmen alike.

As a homeowner, you want your property to be perfect for you and your needs and to achieve this the usual course of action is to get stuck in with the DIY or get a tradesman in.

In either case, to ensure you get the very best finish, everything needs to be fully planned out and costed and this is where Price Doctor comes into its own as it will allow you to:

  • Get a quick estimate price for an extension, new build, patio etc to see how much it’s likely to cost
  • Produce a full detailed quote for an extension, new build property, driveway etc. detailing all labour and material costs, material quantities (e.g. foundation dimensions, timber, number of blocks/bricks)
  • Design an extension from scratch to your own specifications
  • Design your own new build property
  • Add, remove and change different features (e.g. types of brick, block, tiles etc) and see the affects on cost in real time
  • Add fixtures and fittings (beds, sofas, kitchen units) to your design and see how your rooms will work once full of furniture
  • See how much from etc labour costings you can potentially save on a project by doing it yourself
  • Check builders quotes against your own designs to see how the costs compare
  • Collaborate with your builder on your design and price it together
  • Manage all communication between yourself and your builder so that everything is transparent and everyone knows exactly where they are and what they’re doing
  • Add notes for each stage of your job and keep track of any incidents or unexpected findings
  • Add in additional costs and any extras as they occur to keep track of your total costs
  • Fully manage your home improvement or construction project from start to finish

Without the proper planning and costing, a home improvement project even as straightforward as building a decked area in your garden can quickly go wrong, costing even more time and money to put right, especially if you’re doing it yourself and you have to get a tradesman in to sort it out.

Using Price Doctor can help you avoid any issues such as these. You can quickly and easily get a full and accurate price for your intended project and see what stages are involved in working up to a completed job, helping you to easily spot potential pitfalls.

If you would like to see more, why not try our Price Doctor demo.