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Pricing & Job Management app made for UK Painters and Decorators

Quickly price painting or decorating jobs accurately and then manage the job to invoicing for speedy payment.

Save time and effort pricing and quoting

Enter the dimensions of the job and then Price Doctor will work our all the materials and labour for you.

  • Take seconds to generate detailed and accurate quotes
  • All quotes are editable so you can change and update to ensure complete control
  • Ensure you are making the profit you should be
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Take the stress out of running a trade business

Have everything where you need it – access Price Doctor from anywhere online.

  • Information is kept in the cloud so you can see all customer and job details from anywhere
  • Make updates, changes and even send quotes from your phone
  • Easy-to-use diary so you can see where everyone is, and where you should be
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Create professional and accurate quotes and invoices

Impress customers with speedy and accurate service so you can justify your premium rates.

  • Send booking confirmations and reminders so customers are ready and informed
  • Ensure you are billing for everything you have done – never miss an extra
  • Send estimates, quotes and invoices which look the part and stand out
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Designed and customised for your business

You can customise Price Doctor to work for your business, but it is ready to go now.

  • Ready to use ‘out of the box’ - you can start to use Price Doctor on day one.
  • We update materials prices every 7 days so they’re never out of date
  • Amend your labour prices easily so your pricing will be based on your costs
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Easily calculate materials quantities and labour times

Save time working out time and materials for all kinds of jobs, not just decorating work.

  • Price projects accurately and quickly on site using Price Doctor
  • Or send us the plans and we will work everything out for you
  • Unlimited templates so you can have professional designs for all kinds or work/customer
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A happy customer leads to a successful business

Ensure that customers are informed and understand what is going on.

  • Give customers all the information to make necessary decisions on time, without delays
  • Keep customers up to date with changes and extras so there are no surprises
  • Share information with your team so that all the work gets done how you want it done
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Price Doctor is a UK solution built by trades for trades. Get the right tool to manage your business properly.

  • Save time – get more done
  • Increase margins and work for better customers
  • Get in control of your business and profits
  • Manage your customers and staff effectively
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Enjoy your work – be successful!

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